Mother's Day Walk 2014


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What is your fundraising style?

You don't have to be a slick salesperson in order to be good at asking for donations. In fact, the people who seem the most shy and introverted can be extremely effective when they ask from their hearts. Some people become successful fundraisers by winning donors over with their contagious energy while others reach their goals simply because they care deeply about the breast cancer cause and their message is simple: let's make a difference together!

Fundraising Tips: "Raise $500 (or more) in 10 Days"




Training Tips


Warm up before and stretch after your walk/run. To avoid muscle soreness, especially in your shins and calves, point, flex and rotate your foot and ankle. Lack of stretching can lead to your muscles tightening up which could cause injury.

Wear the proper gear- Maximize your comfort by wearing the proper shoes, socks, and clothing. Materials that won’t chafe or hold in moisture work the best. Always ensure that your outerwear is appropriate to the weather. Visit any local sporting goods store for assistance in choosing the right gear for you.

Stay hydrated- The saying “By the time you feel thirsty, you are well on your way to dehydration” is very true! Drink plenty of fluids prior, during and post training. Proper hydration  is essential to your performance and overall health.

The 10% rule- Never increase your training more than 10% a week. Doing too much too quickly could result in sore muscle or injury.

Rest up- Remember that your rest day is just as important as your training day. Alternate your hard workouts with rest days or cross training (different exercise).

How will your fundraising support Canadian breast cancer research?

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is committed to progressing breast cancer research across Canada. From the beginning, we have focused our efforts on seed funding for translational research.

Significant advancements in treatment have resulted in much improved quality of life for the breast cancer patient both during and after therapy. BCSC funded "Translational Breast Cancer Research" ensures that new discoveries reach the patient quickly through a collaborative effort between the researchers and the physicians.

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada also provides "seed" funding to promising research projects needing the upfront capital necessary to gather preliminary findings. These findings are then used to apply for federal research grants. BCSC believes that it is important to foster the development of these innovative ideas that have the potential of making life saving breakthroughs.



There is no doubt that without your help, this vital research would not be possible!

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